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Texturas & Co

Online wallpaper sales platform

For an asignment, we found a wallpaper business on Instagram, for which we had to identify points on how to scale their digital prescence.

Problem Statement

The brand presents only an instagram page through which customers schedule a time to visit the showroom through messaging or whatsapp, there is no web portfolio or direct purchase, so they write for any action.

The business does not include installation, and that stops many purchases.


A web platform (optimized for mobile) which allows you to:

  • See the catalog of papers, organized according to categories

  • By clicking on an item, we can see different photos, choose color variations, share it and save it in favorites

  • Calculate the price per meter

  • Add to cart and pay via webpay

  • Schedule the day of dispatch and installation


Information Architecture

Sign in Flow

Register or sign into your account to save your purchases, coordinate installation, save items from your cart and contact information.

Landing Page and Navigation

Work portoflio and inspiration

We divided the wallpapers into 4 categories: Home, Children, Office and Commercial. Inside each category you can see the showcase portoflio of Textura&Co, read about how the decisions on patterns are colors are taken by professionals, and how do they work with the furniture and light environment.

In each project you can also check which specific wallpaper was used so you can imitate the result at your own place.

Choose a product

Same as the work portfolio, the product were divided into 5 categories: Abstract, Nature, Drawings, Texture and Children.

After choosing a design, you can choose color variation if applicable, and open the meters calculator to get the final price.

Checkout and installation coordination

Once all wanted items were added to the cart we can proceed to payment. Before paying we must see if delivery and installation is available. After the address information is filled, a calendar shows the dates available, and the timeslots for us to pick (Morning or Afternoon).

After the installation was scheduled, we must proceed to payment. As usual on e-commerce, we can pay via Webpay, add a Credit card, and a discount code. The summary of the purchase is always visible. Once the payment is ready, we recieve confirmation and purchase details in our email.

Account and Settings

In the account and settings module, we can check our favorite wallpapers (saved for later), edit our information, add a new payment method, save addresses and check our Shopping history.


User testing and Feedback on usability

We tested Textura&Co prototype via Maze. The tasks were performed succesfully so we proceeded to a closer look at an interview with our users. We performed a Morville matrix and collected feedback to do iterations.

Morville matrix


Course: Interface Design Project, Universidad del Desarrollo

Programs used: Figma

Project with: Raimundo Rufín and Renata Vasquez


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