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Paula Cepeda

About me

Interaction designer with 5 years of work experience, mainly focused on UX Design, Research and Conceptualization of smart products.

Very passionate about design, technology, data, innovation, music, education and how to shape the future through smart solutions that enrich society.


2019 - 2020

Interaction Design

Exchange program

Elisava Escola Universitària de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona,

Barcelona, Spain

2017 - 2022

Interaction Design

Professional Undergraduate Degree

Summa cum laude


Santiago, Chile

2012 - 2015

Musical Composition

Escuela Moderna de Música y Danza,

Santiago, Chile

Awards and Recognitions




  • Summa Cum Laude / Max distinction degree, UDD | Santiago, Chile

  • Promotion Best Performance Award (academic year 2021), UDD | Santiago, Chile


  • Exhibitor at the Ibero-American Design Biennial, Mapit project | Madrid Spain

  • Speaker and exhibitor at INDEX Awards, (Mapit) | Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Finalist project in INDEX Diseño Responde, (Mapit) | Latin America

  • Finalist project and funding from Impacto Emprendedor, Banco de Chile + UDD, (Mapit) | Santiago, Chile

  • Academic Excellence Award, UDD | Santiago, Chile


  • Nominated for Best Graduate in Design, Antenna Conference | Eindhoven, Netherlands


  • Speaker and participant of the Future Innovators Summit, Future Body Group, ARS Electronica Festival | Linz, Austria

  • Speaker and exhibitor at Impact Forum, Gulu project | Barcelona, ​​Spain

  • Speaker and exhibitor at SmartCityExpo World Congress, (Gulu) | Barcelona, ​​Spain

  • Academic Excellence Award, UDD | Barcelona, ​​Spain

  • Exhibitor at “Ciutat Jugable”, Barcelona Design Museum | Barcelona, ​​Spain



  • Innovative Vision Prize, UDD | Santiago, Chile

  • Leadership Award, UDD | Santiago, Chile


  • Partial Scholarship Award at Berklee College of Music | Boston, USA

Work experience


Globant, Santiago, Chile

Ssr Advanced UX Designer | September 2022 - Now

  • UX Designer for LATAM Airlines | September 2022 - Now

UX Designer at Efficient Information Management, for LATAM Airlines. Content, trip cycle communication and experience strategy. 

Frame 31.png

Smart City Link, Barcelona, España

  • UX Designer | July 2020 - September 2022

UX design for Link platform: software that allows governments to improve and transform their public services in real time, through citizen participation, the use of IoT, digital and social innovation.

image 10.png

Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago, Chile

  • Teacher | March 2022 - Now

3rd year graphic design Overall Project teacher.

  • Assistantships | March 2019 - December 2021

Assistant in various subjects, including: design for innovation, programming, design theory, audiovisual production, digital tools and Maker Campus.

image 11.png


RIPE Labs, RIPE NCC, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • UX Designer for RIPE Labs platform | March 2020 - July 2021

UX / UI design for RIPE Labs, social network for RIPE NCC. Development of branding and brand image, graphic resources for dissemination, multiplatform web design, user experience, UX research, user testing, and platform implementation.

Frame 32.png


Garage Stories - XR content Lab, Barcelona, España

  • Gulu Team Member | October 2019 - November 2019

Development of solutions with XR technologies (VR/AR/MR) that help raise awareness and spread the objectives of local non-profit entities to solve social and environmental challenges. Gulu project exhibited at the Impact Forum Barcelona and the Smart City Expo World Congress.



Project Endèmic, Lichen + ISGlobal, Barcelona, España

  • UX Design + Branding | June 2021 - January 2022

Branding, graphics, multi-platform web development and communication strategies for the Endèmic project, in order to democratize scientific knowledge and culture to citizens, ensuring awareness of the main health and climate challenges.

image 15.png


Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria

  • Future Innovators Summit Participant | September 2019

Member of the workshop along with 14 other future innovators from different cultures, origins and areas. New forms of Brainstorming on crucial questions of humanity were explored, in order to create future scenarios. Presented at the ARS Electronica Festival 2019.

image 16.png

Corporación de Educación y Salud de Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

  • General Production Festivals Municipality of the Counts | April 2013 - December 2018

Development of graphic pieces, branding, animations, websites, and production of events for various festivals and plays to be performed at the Municipal Theater of Las Condes.

image 12.png

Henley SPA, Santiago, Chile

  • Business Intelligence Design | August 2018 - June 2019 (11 months)

Design of Datamarts, Dashboards and Web.

image_export 2_edited.png


  • Web design & development

More than 25 web sites and tools since 2017, among them, for the Municipality of Las Condes, UDD School of Design, RIPE NCC, Henley, EConsult and independents.

  • Visuals and animations

Videos and motion graphics animations for various clients, including the Municipal Theater of Las Condes, Creamfields Festival, Universidad del Desarrollo.


A bit too passionate about design, art, data, music, video, technology, education and how to shape the future through smart solutions that enrich society.

Let's work together on this.

Contact me

Currently based in Santiago de Chile

You can reach me at:

+569 9342 9262

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Thank you!

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