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INDEX Awards panel: Problem? Solution!

Conversation with Eva Guerra, Nandini (Nanz) Nair and Swathi Muralidharan at The Index Project "Problem? Solution!" event, about life-improving solutions

I had the huge opportunity to present Mapit at the INDEX Awards 2021, and get feedback from 2 students with similar projects and Eva Guerra, the design expert invited by INDEX.

Need help taking your life-improving solution to the next level? Watch student projects get feedback from a design professional! A new set of eyes is always appreciated and watching others get feedback is just as rewarding as getting critiqued yourself. So why not combine the two? We’ve invited three student-led designs from around the globe to show their to-be life-improving solutions to a design expert and mentor and get some much-valued feedback. Looking at both the nitty-gritty and bigger picture, the workshop will be an accelerator for those who’re stuck, uncertain or unaware of the next step. INDEX Awards 2021

Design expert:

Eva Guerra – Design Director, Designit


Paula Cepeda – Designer, Universidad del Desarrollo – Mapit

Nandini (Nanz) Nair – Designer, Carnegie Mellon University – LifeKit

Swathi Muralidharan – Designer, Royal College of Art – The Yellow Box


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