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Gulu AR: At Impact Forum and Smart City Expo 2019

Gulu is an app that is activated in urban gardens, in order to teach about gardening and guide children and adults through the process of growing vegetables.

Created to share values between school, family and children through gastronomy and RA. Gulú is presented as a companion of children with the purpose of educating in values such as patience and responsibility, using the school garden as a link.

We started from a clear premise: gastronomy unites us and allows us to create community. For this reason, this platform also aims to make a call to the participation of families: uploading recipes and sharing them. Every 6 weeks, when it's time to harvest, families gather and share a meal in the school. Being a live app, the more content Gulú has, the more interactive the character will be. This allows us to encourage a constant rise in content.

Gulu is the resulting project from Garage Stories XR L'Hospitalet, a contest that looked for creatives to make teams, and create a solution in 1 week, around one of the Sustaibale Development Goals.

Presented at Impact Froum, Ship2B (2nd place) and in Smart City Expo 2019.

Team Members:

Laura Solano, Sergi Ruiz, Sergio Camacho, Adriá Campdepadrós, Paula Cepeda.


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