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Project for Henley, a Business Intelligence company.

You can visit Henley at

Founded in 1998 with the aim of facilitating the analysis of the large volumes of data that ERPs were generating by implementing BI (Business Intelligence) tools, Henley has grown with its clients, leading the implementation of tools that facilitate 3 business practices:


Logo and isotype

Based on the 3 practices mentioned above, a study about what Henley's brand should communicate is made, looking for images that pass on the values of the company: safety, vision, positioning, achieving goals, insights and project into the future.

Focusing on the shapes and key elements from each icon, a new isotype is created, replacing the old cube used by Henley representing outdated databases.

Logo color variations depending on usage scenario: the preferred option is the yellow on white version, but other variations can be used to give more contrast on the background.

For print and grayscale, the version on the right should be used.


The font is an essential component of Henley's visual identity. The font used for the brand is Poppins, in semibold. For the website, the font used is Avenir, except for titles and display texts, where we can use Montserrat.


Henley's colors are based on blue representing innovation, stability and confidence, and yellow representing attentiveness, alertness, energy and optimism.

The color palette for data visualization is a select subset of the Henley color palette. It is designed to maximize accessibility and harmony within a dashboard or website. It is used for categorical (or qualitative) palettes, that is, when you want to distinguish categories of data that do not have an inherent correlation (currencies).

The monochrome palettes for ratio charts and trend charts are based on each defined color, graded from darker to lighter, with the darkest color denoting the largest values (amounts).

Categorical palettes
Monochrome palettes


Visual identity

Henley images consist of:

  1. a set of abstract acrylic graphics

  2. product images (showcase)

  3. photos of products being used by people (mockups)

The elements should preferably be accompanied by the Henley isotype.

* The images of the products must follow the color rules indicated in this document to maintain consistency with the context where they are inserted.

Photos guidelines

Photos must be high resolution (at least 1000 pixels wide x 1000 pixels high), sharp, and not grainy. Extreme backgrounds must be avoided, in order to stay neutral. Light gray works best as a background color and avoid anything that is too light or too dark. If you are going with a more complex background, indoors or outdoors, the focus should be on the person with the blurred background. Only shoot from the chest up (like a bust/statue top).

To avoid loss of consistency due to different photos with future additions or team rotation, the background of the photo should be removed and replaced with a gradient, color, or neutral photo. This process can be done with the Remove Background tool.


Web design

Landing page

The landing welcomes visitors with a carousel displaying Henley's 3 business practices.

It's structure consists in: Hero banners, About us + Team, Solutions, Stories and Contact.

The main call to action is to schedule a meeting with the client, which is why the most highlighted button says "Conversemos" (Let's talk) and displays a scheduling window.

Once schedulled, both the client and Henley recieve a Google Calendar event with the videocall link.

About Henley

An essential part of giving the user confidence to work with henley was to make the team visible. Show how they work, the company culture, its values, and the passion for a job well done. The story of Henley is divided into 3 sections about the milestones in each practice, making them benchmarks in the analytics consulting industry and as SAP. partners.

A section about their achievements is included right above the "Work with us" call to action, to give evidence to the user that Henley delivers results.


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