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Projecte Endèmic: Arte, Ciencia y Participación Ciudadana

Project for LICHEN and ISGlobal Instituto de Salud Global, Barcelona With the support of Ayuntamiento de Barcelona
You can visit Endèmic at

Endèmic empowers society with scientific culture and the democratization of knowledge, ensuring awareness of the main health and climate challenges, and understanding of the essential benefits that ecosystem services provide for human health and resilience.

Endèmic method

Through participatory methodologies and interdisciplinary spaces for reflection and learning, Endèmic makes it possible to recognize and make visible the need for a sustainable future based on the link between nature and human beings.



Branding research

Since endèmic was going to be a project in which citizen participation was crutial, it was essential for the branding to represent micrbiology and science, without losing the closeness of art and community.

Among the keywords we find "Scientific dissemination, Ethnobotany, Medicinal plants, Microbiology - AMR, Citizen science, Urban ecology, Art (Art+Science), Community commitment, Healthy habits.

The moodboard collects examples of very detailed simulation art, representing "macro" lense aesthetics, similar to one achieved by a microscope.

Round organic shapes, hair, particles, blobs and fluids were key to recreate this look.

Brand approach

The approach was to work with the E. Coli bacteria shape, and let it flow imitating typography. Once the results looked as desired and readable, it was simplified to a linear thinner typography, without colour.


Branding and application

Logo + isotype

From the E.Coli experiment with typography, it was again simplified and extended.

3 bacterial isotypes were created for using on social media, as well as other linear bacterias.

Images and Feel

Brand images for media content application.

3D images produced in Cinema 4D + Photoshop

Landing Page

Workshops Open Call

Flyers developed for each workshop


Workshop material

Through Citizen Science Workshops in Microbiology and Ethnobotany, for the experimental validation of the antiseptic potential of local plants and herbs through bacterial cultures, the conservation and cultivation of indigenous medicinal plants in urban centers and healthy consumption habits for disease prevention.

Citizen Science in Microbiology and Ethnobotany

A practical approach to the research method in microbiology for the discovery and evidence of effective antibiotic treatments against bacterial infections. Experimental validation of the antiseptic potential of native plants and herbs.

Observation and analysis of bacterial cultures

Review and observation of the results of the seeded petri dishes, to check the antibiotic activity of the plants. Introduction to a technological tool for the identification and cataloging of medicinal plants (PlantNet App), which help complement the repository for future research.

Urban ecology and cultivation of medicinal plants

Tour of the Urban Garden to review the results of floral biodiversity and the promotion of green areas in urban environments. Recognition of species with proven antiseptic potential, and their cultivation.


Public Presentation Endèmic Project

Within the framework of the Barcelona Science Week and the World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW), a presentation open to the public was held at the Center Cívic Convent de Sant Agustí.

The meeting, held on November 20, was attended by: Sofía Williamson, Coordinator of Endèmic, who contextualized and explained the framework in which the Project is developed; Marina Tarrus, Scientific Dissemination, delved into the Method, the processes of Citizen Science and the informative resources generated. Finally, José Bidegain, an interdisciplinary artist, commented on the creative process and the result of the artistic proposal that he developed together with Mónica Rikic. In this instance it was also possible to interact and play with the artistic piece: Resi·sile, installed and projected in space.

Website along with Pedro Manasevich
You can visit Endèmic at


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